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About Window Film

Keep it Cool and maintain that beutiful view. There is no need to close the curtains while that hot sun shines on your windows.

Using PanoramaTM window film reduces the need for air conditioning helping save on energy bills.

Keep it New by reducing the harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture.

Nothing can cause the value of your fine furnishings, wood flooring, artwork and fabrics to depreciate more quickly than fading and deterioration.

Keep it Safe with the added assurance that glass won't shatter in the event of severe weather or break-ins.

Warranty Information

The benefits of window film are clear:it maintains ambient light yet blocks up to 99% of dangerous UV rays; provides assurance that glass won‘t shatter during severe weather or break-ins; enhances comfort and reduces energy consumption. Yet in the past,homeowners and commercial property managers have been concerned that installing window film could void their original glass manufacturer‘s warranty.

Panorama ® window films is pleased to announce the availability of the Panorama® PremierPlus Warranty,an industry leading window film warranty which matches or exceeds the original window manufacturer‘s warranty, regardless of the window brand. Now with PremierPlus, available only through official Panorama ® dealers, customers will know their glass is fully covered in the event of breakage or seal failure.

This peace of mind comes only with Panorama ® window film, available in a wide variety of shades, from optically clear to opaque.
Frequently Asked Questions about Window Tinting
1. How much of the Sun's harmful rays are blocked out with window film?

Up to 99% of the Sun's harmful UV rays are blocked.

2. Will I save on energy cost?

Yes. In the summer months you will run your air conditioner less frequenlty, saving you money.

3. Will Window Tinting help keep my rugs from fading?

Yes. Window film blocks the harmful rays from fading your carpet.

4. What kind of warranty comes with window tinting?

We are backed by a strong manufacturers' warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
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Window Tinting

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